Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Almost time for kick-off

I'm looking forward to the programs being released on Thursday.  Can't wait to see what Mish has set out for us in the food and exercise!

I've had two good days so far this week.  I think I must be getting fitter and have more energy.  I managed to get more done at work and today was actually looking for work to do as I'd done everything that is in my routines for Monday & Tuesday. 

I went to the gym last night and did 45 minutes of combined cardio and weights and burned 550 calories.  Didn't go tonight as I'll be going at 5am tomorrow after dropping my daughter at work.

I tried cooking another of Michelle's recipes from the Crunchtime Cookbook - Chicken Sang Choy Bow.  It was so easy to make and very filling.  Still some left over so I might freeze it and use for lunch another day. 

I haven't finished all of my pre-season tasks but plan to do those before Monday.  I'll be doing my official starting weigh-in tomorrow morning and will do the rest of my measurements and photo on the weekend.

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