Monday, February 21, 2011

12wbt Round 1 - Day 1

I had work from 6am today so decided to get up early and go to the gym before work - especially since I have kids to pick up from three different places after work and won't be back home until around 6pm!

I did a 50 minute session at the gym doing almost everything on the beginner program for today.  I still can't use the treadmill so my treadmill time was on the exercise bike instead.  Burned 600 calories so a good start to the day.  I did feel better for it at work and was able to cope better with some of the stress of things not balancing!  I managed to get all my work done and leave an hour early  but will be going in an hour early tomorrow.  I have to go to a training session at head office in the afternoon so need to get most of the day's work done before lunch!

Breakfast today was Mish's Muesli with strawberries and yoghurt.  Then morning tea I had a banana and vanilla Le Rice snack.  Lunch was a wrap with turkey breast, corn relish, snow pea sprouts and alfalfa plus a vanilla Le Rice snack.

For dinner I'll be cooking Kanga Banga's and veggies for myself and the kids.  Not what is on the program for today but I wasn't prepared ahead and already have some leftovers from last night to use up.

I was hoping to do the fitness test this afternoon but looks like it will have to be tomorrow or Wednesday.

Friday, February 18, 2011

18 February 2011

I've had reasonably good week this week.. I weighed in on Wednesday and was down to 117.1kg, another 500g down.  That's now 6.2kg lost since starting at the gym and 9.4kg since the start of round 3 of 12wbt last year.

I went to the gym on Monday night.  Still can't use the treadmill but was able to use the exercise bike and cross trainer.  Tuesday I didn't go but did use the exercise bike at home so still did some exercise.  My daughter started work at 5am Wednesday so I went to gym and did another 35 minutes before work.

I wasn't feeling well yesterday from when I woke up and had to go to work.  By the time I got home I was feeling worse and had a bad headache so stayed home and rested.

Decided to work hard at the gym today.  Did 50 minutes - 25 of that was cardio and burned 600 calories.  I think I might be sore in the morning though as I did push myself on the exercise bike and cross trainer, plus did slightly higher weights than I've done before.

I have a pt session booked for Sunday afternoon and planning to take along my training program from 12wbt and see if we can work it into the sessions. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Almost time for kick-off

I'm looking forward to the programs being released on Thursday.  Can't wait to see what Mish has set out for us in the food and exercise!

I've had two good days so far this week.  I think I must be getting fitter and have more energy.  I managed to get more done at work and today was actually looking for work to do as I'd done everything that is in my routines for Monday & Tuesday. 

I went to the gym last night and did 45 minutes of combined cardio and weights and burned 550 calories.  Didn't go tonight as I'll be going at 5am tomorrow after dropping my daughter at work.

I tried cooking another of Michelle's recipes from the Crunchtime Cookbook - Chicken Sang Choy Bow.  It was so easy to make and very filling.  Still some left over so I might freeze it and use for lunch another day. 

I haven't finished all of my pre-season tasks but plan to do those before Monday.  I'll be doing my official starting weigh-in tomorrow morning and will do the rest of my measurements and photo on the weekend.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend

I've had pretty busy weekend.  Since I can't do as much as I would like at the gym due to my foot I thought I really should get organised and plan my meals for the coming week.  So yesterday I sat down and looked through my 3 Michelle Bridges books and all the recipes I printed from round 3 last year and worked out my meals for the week.  I then looked at what I could make today to freeze and reheat later and went shopping for the things I would need.

Today I went to the gym as I had a pt session booked.  We did only half cardio and half weights but used the exercise bike and the cross trainer for cardio.  After that I got stuck into the cooking.  I made Nat's Lasagne (from Round 3) and have put it portion sizes to put in the freezer.  I also made Spaghetti Bolognese (from Round 3 - with the Kangaroo mince option).  This is for tomorrow night's dinner for myself and the three kids.  It looks like there will be too much so the rest will be put into the freezer to use another night. 

I also cooked tonight's dinner for everyone else as I was going out for dinner with the Perth Crew. 

Dinner with the Perth Crew was at the Balmoral Hotel in Victoria Park.  We had about 45 people so a big crowd.  I opted to have a grilled fish with garden salad.  It was so filling.  I'm looking forward to us having another get-together later in the round and seeing how everyone is going with the program.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fitness levels getting better but now injured!

I've been slacking off and not blogging like I planned to.  Have been busy with work and gym sessions.  I've been going to the gym 4 times a week, including 2 sessions with the personal trainer.  My fitness has improved immensely. 

When I started in December, I struggled to do 5 minutes on the treadmill or exercise bike, let alone lifting weights or doing squats.  Struggled to do 10 fitball sqauts at my first session - now I can do them for a minute while holding 4kg weight in each hand (and no fitball). 

I have also increased my speed and time on the treadmill.  First session a lap (400m) took 5mins 40sec, now I can do it in 4mins 18sec at a fast walk.  Just this week I have started doing intervals of jogging as well - 30 secs jog then 1 min walk (like in the C25k program). 

I had some pain in my right foot which got worse when I started the jogging intervals.  I went to the physio yesterday and discovered it's the plantar fasciitis that has flared up again. I had it 2 years ago when I started working and was on my feet all day at work.  I got fitted for some better shoes and had physio and it helped a lot.  Didn't have anymore problems until now.  I wasn't wearing the correct type of shoes so my feet were not getting enough support in the right areas (I tend to roll in when I walk). 

Now the physio says no treadmill until it settles down and not much on the cross trainer either!  Have a pt session booked for tomorrow which was to be all cardio, mostly on the treadmill.  Now we are going to do half cardio - but using some cross trainer and the exercise bike.  The rest of the session will be weight training. 

No super Saturday session today but I did use my exercise bike I have at home and will stay and do more at the gym after the pt session so tomorrow will be my super session.