Sunday, September 4, 2011

Busy week and an even busier week ahead!

I've had a busy week this week with work but have come to the realisation that I need to find a new job. Having so many problems at work and no longer happy there. I also need to find something with more family-friendly hours - 6 & 7am starts are not good!

With some help from a fellow Perth Crew member I now have an excellent resume and some hints on how to sell myself to gain the job I really want.

Training wise this week has been hit and miss. I didn't manage to do the 2km challenge every day and a couple of days where I planned to go to the gym early morning I slept in and didn't make it. Then a bad afternoon at work on Wednesday left me with a migraine and unable to go to work or training on Thursday. Everything was back on track on Friday though. Had a really good pt session. My pt tried an advanced workout with me that I completed in 25mins - the workout is supposed to take 30-45mins so we did another round of everything at half reps. I was also approached by the gym manager and asked if I would allow them to put up my before and after photos and my story on their website! This is a great compliment and I agreed but not until I have got down to at least 80kg. After a massive 3kg loss this week that is only 5.4kg away.

Food wise this week has been very good. I've been sticking to 1200 calories everyday - only went over one day by about 50calories. Even tried the Jacket Potato with Creamed Corn and Tomato Salsa tonight. So yummy and extremely filling. Looks like that will become another popular one in my meal plans.

The week ahead is looking busy with my assistant at work away for 2 weeks now. Going through and working out when I can get to the gym - before or after work. Already have pt sessions booked for Monday & Friday afternoons. Going to see Wicked on Thursday night with some Perth Crew so training will have to be in the morning that day, or if the weather is fine go for a walk after work. Will see how things go but also hoping to get to Carine for the newbies fitness test on Sunday morning then off to Pickering Brook in the afternoon for an 80th birthday party. Also sometime this week I need to complete my pre-season tasks - have only done 1 & 2 so far!

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  1. Oooh migraines. I understand only too well how much they can interfere with training schedules.

    Advanced workout? Go you! That's awesome!

    I've linked your blog on my blog list too. :)