Wednesday, September 14, 2011

12WBT Blogging Challenge - Week 1

I've decided to take part in the 12WBT Blogging Challenge being hosted by Shrinking Kath.

Here is my week 1 entry:

1. Describe yourself in 25 words or less. You can get straight to the point - or bring your creativity into play.
Wife and mother of 4 kids (9-19).  Work full-time and often shy and quiet but working on changing that!

2. What brings you to 12wbt? Getting fitter? Losing weight? (Gaining weight??) Are you first timer, a repeat offender??
Repeat offender!  Wanted to lose weight and get fit as I was fed up with being tired and in pain all the time.  Originally joined in Round 3 2010 but only did 4 weeks and let life take over.  Joined a gym in December and decided it was time to shift the weight.  Joined Round 1 and lost 11.7kg, then 15.5kg in round 2.  Total lost since December 2010 is now 39.7kg!  Aiming to lose another 12kg this round.
3. Why do you blog??
I haven't blogged much in the past - started blogs and only managed 2 or 3 posts.  Going to do more this time and this challenge is a good way to keep me posting.
4. Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why (doesn't have to be weight loss)
Can't think of one particular person who has inspired me but since joining 12wbt my biggest inspiration is Perth Crew!
5. What things in life bring you the most joy?
My family, friends and Perth Crew.
6.What do you think your greatest challenge is going to be this round?
Staying focused to lose the weight I want to lose and getting myself close to goal (whatever that may be) by the end of the round.
7. What are you most excited about 12wbt?
 Achieving my goals and going to finale and partying with some amazing people!

8. And what scares the pants off you?
Allowing myself to give up on my goals and not achieve them.  It has happened so many times before but I know this time has been different.

9. Tell me - right now - today - how do you feel about exercise in no more than 10 words
 Absolutely love it!!

10. Complete this sentence - in 12 weeks time - on the last day of 12wbt I am going to be feeling 
Amazingly happy and healthy and proud of what I have achieved!


  1. So proud of you Sarah! You are a completely different person from the one I met 6 months ago. Can't wait to celebrate with you in Sydney!!

  2. Finale is going to be awesome, I'm so glad you're coming :)