Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ready for Michelle Bridges 12WBT Round 3!

I have completed 2 rounds of this amazing program and both times said I would blog my journey but never got past one post!  We're starting round 3 soon and have decided I really will get my blog updated regularly.

Round 1 I had some great achievements.  Participated in Relay for Life with the Perth Crew, starting joining the Pain in King's Park sessions and getting more involved with the group.  I also lost 11.7kg (9.99%) and 45cm.

Relay For Life - with Ethan (my son) and Michelle Bridges Cut-out.

Mother's Day Classic - 8 May 2011

Round 2 was even more amazing.  I lost 15.5kg (14.88%) and 41.5cm.  I also started participating in fun runs, including 8km Mother's Day Classic Walk, 4.5km HBF Run for a Reason, 10km Women's Classic, 10km Run 4 Gold and 5km Fun Run at the Perth Half Marathon.  I also tried indoor rock climbing for the first time.

HBF Run for a Reason - 22 May 2011

Women's Classic
Run 4 Gold

Finish of the 5km fun run in Perth Half Marathon

Before City to Surf - with my sister Sheena
 My major milestone for round 2 was the 12km Walk in Perth City to Surf which I completed with my sister Sheena in about 2hrs and ran more than I've run before.

The support and encouragement of the Perth Crew has been awesome and I can't believe what I have achieved so far this year.

I'm looking forward to round 3 and smashing some more goals.  My main goal is to attend the finale workout and party, wherever it may be.

My total weight loss since December is 34.9kg and gone from a size 24-26 to size 14-16!

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